Sprint Booster Vs. Pedal Commander: Unleashing The Power Of Your Vehicle


Nothing can add more of an improvement to your driving as much as throttle response control devices such as the Sprint Booster and the Pedal Commander. These slick gadgets provide an extra dash of acceleration to your car, putting you back in the driving seat. Let’s go underwater in this article and learn about sprint booster, pedal commander, their pros & cons and help you to choose the best according to your own need.

Understanding Throttle Response Controllers

Before we get into the comparison I think its important to clarify as to what throttle response controls are and how they operate. Essentially, these devices change how the throttle in your car reacts when you tell it to. They reduce the time lag between you pressing the accelerator and your engine kicking in, delivering power to the road surface. By utilizing this on-demand service, you can greatly enhance the driving experience and overall performance of your car.

The Sprint Booster

Sprint Booster is a famous brand name for Throttle Response Controllers. It’s engineered to be an “easy-install” product with simple plugs and play design. Here are some key features of the Sprint Booster:

User-Friendly Interface: Sprint Booster provides a user friendly interface that enables you to select different boost modes. You can tailor your driving experience to your tastes — be it a sportier ride, or one that’s more budget friendly.

Instant Response: The best thing about the Sprint Booster is how quick the response time can be. Throttle response becomes extremely quick — essentially no wait for power to reach those wheels after pressing the gas pedal. <!- – #105, Rue du Sentier, 75022 Paris, France, Tél: 33 (0)1

Compatibility: The good news there is, Sprint Booster works well with most cars, be those Automatic or Manual transmission vehicle. There is flexibility in its usage, hence it’s favored by car fanatically people.

Safety First: Safety first is the motto of the Sprint Booster. There won’t be any interference from the electronic system in your car, it is completely removable, therefore once installed, you will not leave a mark when taking them off.

The Pedal Commander

Another top competitor in the throttle response controller market is Pedal Commander. The technology offers an altogether new way of making you drive more conveniently. Here’s what sets Pedal Commander apart:

Four Modes: Pedal Commander offers four drive modes which lets you dial in how you want your car to drive. Whatever the reason, you’re after a smooth ride or some heart pounding rush, you need Pedal Commander.

Bluetooth Connectivity: Pedal Commander allows for smartphone BT connection for controlling and tracking your settings. It’s this extra degree of comfort that makes driving that much more pleasant.

Easy Installation: Much like the Sprint Booster, Pedal Commander is built with ease of install in mind. Set it up with no specialized tools or technical know-how needed.

Compatibility: Likewise, Pedal Commander is suitable for numerous cars — so much so that it’s available to multiple kinds of drivers.

The Showdown: Sprint Booster vs. Pedal Commander

Let’s look at some crucial features of each and compare them to make it easy for you to choose between Sprint Booster vs Pedal Commander.

  1. Customization

If you like to add a personal touch and have complete control over your ride then Pedal Commander may be the best choice for you. With four drive modes and phone connectivity it’s highly customizable — just look at the screen (or your phone).

However, on the one hand, there is an even simpler and more basic model with settings ready to go at default via sprint booster . It might appeal to people who like their life simple.

  1. Response Time

Sprint booster and pedal commander both have great performances on eliminating throttle lag & quick responses. But if you’re searching for the fastest response rate, we have heard about some reports claiming that Pedal Commander is the one to go with for performance lovers out there.

  1. Price Point

In terms of cost, Sprint Booster usually is more affordable. The added functionalities of the Pedal commander do have a slightly more premium asking price. Think of what you’ll be paying out for the entire service. ([more here] via @bartlebyapp).

  1. Compatibility

However you can confirm the compatibility with most automobiles prior to buying these gadgets.


In the industry of throttle response controllers, there is Sprint Booster and Pedal Commander, two big names in the game, both have their unique set of merits. They’re both an excellent choice, but you have to consider what kind of experience you are looking for and if you want to have more control over the performance of your car.

Whether you opt for the user-friendly simplicity of Sprint Booster or the advanced customization of Pedal Commander, one thing is certain: You’ll see a good boost to the throttle reaction of your car and hence, every trip will feel more fun. So, pick the one you prefer and get ready to maximize how fast your car accelerates. Happy driving!


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