Roar Pedal vs. Pedal Commander: Unleashing the Power Beneath Your Feet



One of the longest standing debates in automotive enthusiat circles is Pedal Commander Vs Roar Pedal . Both of these pedal controllers have developed a fanatical fan base among auto enthusiasts, every one claiming that their device will unleash the hidden capacity in the engine of your car. But what is the king of them all? Below is the detailed Roar Pedal vs. Now let’s take at the Pedal Commander for comparison shopping.

What Are Pedal Controllers?

But to begin with, what exactly is a pedal controller and why does it matter ahead of the face-off?

The Heart of the Matter

Aftermarket devices, pedal controllers plugged into your vehicle’s electronic throttle control. These let you tweak how sensitive your accelerator is, which affects the way your car responds to the gas pedal. In essence, these mods improve the car’s performance by increasing its responsiveness and liveliness.

Roar Pedal: The Roaring Contender

So let’s dive in this matchup and take a look at Roar Pedal first.

Unleashing the Beast

It is the known fact; Roar Pedal is famous for its integration and simple installment. They have a unique feature which allows an individual to connect as many pedals as he wants. Here’s what sets it apart:

Simple plug and play setup.

  • instant & obvious improvement on the feel at the accelerator.
  • Adjustable parameters based on your driving habits.
  • compatible with many different kind of brands and models of cars.

Pros of Roar Pedal

  • Boosts acceleration for exciting drives.
  • Improves fuel economy via accurate throttle mapping.
  • Places power in your hands for more control.
  • This costs less than its counterparts.

Cons of Roar Pedal

  • Fewer advanced features than Pedal Commander.
  • Occasionally some users complain about compatibility problems with certain cars.

Pedal Commander: Commanding Performance

Now, time to flick to different channels (as they say). and check out what Pedal Commander has to give!

Precision in Every Pedal Press

Pedal Commander has carved a niche for itself with its focus on precision and advanced features:

  • Four selectable drive modes for the tailored driving experience.
  • Real-time feedback via wireless connectivity for quick adjustments on-the-fly.
  • More responsive accelerator in turn for a better connected ride.
  • Known to be very robust and well built in all respects.

Pros of Pedal Commander

  • Provides a lot of flexibility for customization.
  • Easy to follow for beginners or an experienced driver alike.
  • Gives you instant turbo speed up on the road.
  • Compatible with many different car types and brands.

Cons of Pedal Commander

  • Pricier compared to Roar Pedal.
  • That is somewhat more difficult to start using for some people.

Roar Pedal vs. Pedal Commander: The Showdown

After reviewing the pros and cons of Roar Pedal vs Pedal Commander in individual capacities, we’ll be comparing them directly with this last section.

Performance Metrics

  • Throttle Response: Pedal Commander’s precision gives it an edge over the otherwise-excellent Roar Pedal.
  • Customization: Here Pedal Commander is great because of the various driving modes.
  • Compatibility: Pedal Commander is not as niche as the Roar Pedal and has better vehicle compatibility.
  • Price: The cheaper one being the Roar pedal and the pricey one being the Pedal commander.

User Experience

  • Ease of Installation: And the winner is Roar Pedal due to a plug & play approach.
  • User-Friendliness: The Roar Pedal has a simple interface and is great for beginners while the Pedal Commander is geared towards experienced drivers who want more options to mess with.
  • Wireless Control: The wireless capabilities of the Pedal Commander have an advantage.

The Final Verdict

In the Roar Pedal vs. Pedal commander comparison — you pick: It boils down to what you want and prefer. Roar Pedal is the optimal choice if you wish to improve your throttle response right away and don’t want to spend a fortune doing it! Nonetheless, If you desire accuracy and progress in customizing pedals of all types, Pedal Commander reigns supreme.


There are endless options out there in the world of pedal controllers, and Roar Pedal and Pedal Commander are pioneers of this movement. No matter which mode you select, you are destined to have an energizing ride and rule over the highway with panache.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Does Roar Pedal or Pedal Commander work on your kind of car?
  • While both the Roar Pedal and Pedal Commander feature expansive compatibility lists, you’ll want to head over to their respective official sites, or reach out with any specific questions — just to be sure.
  • How to get them installed? DIY or get a pro in to do it for you?
  • Both Roar Pedal and Pedal Commander feature user-friendly installations, with many reviewers saying it’s straightforward for DYing. CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON . Still, if you’re not sure, then definitely go for the professional installation.
  • Are these controller pedals going to ruin my car’s warranty?
  • Usually, using pedal controllers will not invalidate your warranty. But do make sure you speak with your automaker and carefully review the terms of your new-car warranty to see what’s covered and excluded.
  • Any safety issues with the use of these pedal controllers?
  • In itself Roar Pedal and Pedal Commander — when used sensibly — are not dangerous. But it is necessary to do so gradually in order for the car to be driven safely.
  • Can I change from Roar Pedal to Pedal Commander on one vehicle?
  • Though you can technically swap them out, it’s not something we recommend because it could require re-programming them and might have compatibility problems. From the get-go select the one that matches yours.
  • Which pedal controller gives you the best mpg?
  • Both Roar Pedal, and Pedal Commander also work to increase fuel economy through optimized throttle response. Results are not guaranteed and may vary for each driver under different conditions.
  • Do you need to do anything to maintain these pedal controllers?
  • Neither PedalRoar nor PedalCommander is in need of much maintenance. Just occasionally wiping out connections and making them right.
  • Are these pedal controllers suitable for rallying and drifting purposes?
  • Yes, both will increase your car’s power for the on and off-road races giving you better accuracy to control throttle response .

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So, whether you go for Roar Pedal or Pedal Commander, you’ll be stepping into the world of enabling your car with what it’s actually capable of and will experience the joyride beyond imagination. Happy driving!


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