Is Pedal Commander Worth It?


This is one of those products aimed at those with vehicles and seeking an upgrade to performance. Is it worth the time and money for you? We’re going to explore what the Pedal Commander does, how it operates, and if it’s a good deal at all.

What is the Pedal Commander?

A pedal commander is an electronic Throttle response controller that improves overall driving experience with a vehicle. This is essentially a little dongle that connects to the accelerator sensor of your vehicle and gives you the capability to control how sensitive the throttle response is. Translation: It will give your vehicle more acceleration or feel faster if you accelerate.

How Does It Work?

The Pedal Commander modifies the electronic signals sent to your throttle body from your gas pedal in your vehicle. Now when you apply the gas pedal down, and they send the signals to the engine whether more work is needed, or less. The Pedal Commander intercepts this signal, so you can adjust your throttle response settings.

Usually you will have a choice between Eco, City, Sport, and Sport+, each with their own level of aggressiveness. In “ECO”mode, your vehicle will react more moderately, resulting in improved fuel consumption. When in Sport+ mode, accelerator response is sharp to give the driver an aggressive feel in spirited drives.

Is It Worth the Investment?

Now, let’s get to the burning question: Is Pedal Commander worth it? It is largely dependent on what you are looking for in a driving preference.

Pros of the Pedal Commander

  • Improved Throttle Response: The biggest benefit of the Pedal Commander is the substantially improved throttle response. It’ll help your car feel livelier and revived whenever you start it up.
  • Customization: From its different Modes & Sensitivity Settings, you can tailor your drive based on your likings. And if you’d like improved gas mileage or something more performance-oriented, the Pedal Commander can help.
  • Easy Installation: It’s an easy procedure to install the pedal commander and anybody can able to do this who have not been trained in mechanics. Its user-friendly interface and a few short steps to install have made it possible for most users to be setup within moments.
  • No Permanent Modifications: What makes the Pedal Commander different from most boosts that require changes to your car’s core mechanics? Because it’s plug-and-play friendly. If it’s taken off, the car will be back in its factory tune.

Cons of the Pedal Commander

  • Cost: The Pedal Commander is not an inexpensive piece of aftermarket automotive equipment. It is cool and does add something to your car but you do have to consider if it’s worth the value.
  • Voided Warranty Concerns: The fact is certain of Car manufacturers may be aware of you having the Pedal Commander on and can cancel their Vehicle’s Warranty. Before you make the purchase it is critical to review your warranty.
  • Compatibility: The Pedal Commander was designed to be universally compatible but does require some installation. Check if it’s compatible with your particular brand and model.


Is it worth it — in the end — for one to get the Pedal Commander depends on your choice, taste and money. If you’re an enthusiast of the wheel who covets sharper responses and a bespoke driving sensation, it could be a worthy adornment for your car.

But if you’re considering only the economical and/or warranty-related aspects, then there are some other ways to pep up your car’s performance. Bottom line…you need to do research…take into consideration your preferences/needs, talk to auto professionals/automotive enthusiasts to make sure the Pedal Commander is going to be the thing that fits your bill.


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