Is Pedal Commander Harmful To Your Vehicle?


If you’re into cars as much as we are or simply a vehicle owner concerned about your ride, there was likely a time when products like the Pedal Commander crossed your radar as something supposed to make your car better. These are promised as offering enhanced throttle response plus increased acceleration. But frequently we wonder if having a Pedal Commander is harmful to your car over time? In this article I’m going to share with you what are the advantages and drawbacks of using a Pedal commander , can it damage your car?

Understanding the Pedal Commander

So, before we get into the impact on your car let’s first know what a Pedal Commander is. Hence, read on and learn more about our best Pedal Commander review. Essentially, this is an after-market electronic gadget which hooks up to your car’s throttle pedal sensor. Once it’s hooked up, it lets yoy fine tune the reactivity of your gas pedal — and that means faster-responding gas pedals … and an impersonation of more horsepower.

Advantages of using Pedal Commander.

  • Improved Throttle Response: For one, a Pedal Commander can significantly improve your throttle response. It can also give your car a zippier or quicker feel, helping to improve the ride.
  • Customization: These gadgets have settings such as you can set how sensitivity you want in them. Whether you want more of an athletic feel, or just to increase the savings at the pump — no problem.
  • Easy Installation: Most of the time, installing a Pedal Commander is a plug and play process. It requires no advanced technical know-how and there’s usually no warranty-voiding involved.

Negatives of using a Pedal Commander.

  • Voiding Warranty: Most pedal commander install does not nullify warranty of your vehicle. But if something goes wrong and the product is considered responsible for it then it may not be covered). Make sure to contact your car manufacturer for exact information.
  • Potential for Overuse: Unfortunately some users tend to configure the Pedal Commander with a very sensitive setting which may cause unnecessary fuel consumption (which is not eco-friendly) and also increased wear on engine parts. Improper use can be detrimental to your vehicle.
  • Safety Concerns: This can also pose safety risks for new drivers and those who are unaccustomed to the higher sensitivity of an electronic accelerator pedal.
  • Dependency: When you lean too heavily on the Pedal Commander, there is potential to become dependent. It’s important to keep in mind that the unit improves on your car’s pre-existing performance instead of creating unrealistic enhancements on its own.

Conclusion: Is Pedal Commander Good or Bad For Your Car?

When you put the Pedal Commander in the hands of someone who uses it sensibly, then the result is pretty good for those looking to improve their throttle response for a fun journey. But in the same spirit as all of our aftermarket modifications, there is also risk in misuse. Is Pedal Commander harmful to your car? The answer boils down to how you use it in moderation.

Once you’ve decided to get a Pedal Commander, be sure to follow the user manual and start from low settings, then adjust as necessary. Check every now and then for undesirable outcomes (e.g., fuel utilization or engine loads).

At the end of the day, having a Pedal Commander in your car is only going to help or harm you so much based on how you utilize it. Used judiciously, it can serve as a beneficial improvement on your time behind the wheel — so don’t overdo it lest you end up messin’ around with your acceleration. Again, much as when making any change, you must find equilibrium between a boost in performance and maintaining the longevity of your car.


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