Can You Bring Toothpaste on a Plane? A Comprehensive Guide for Travelers


Plane travel can elicit excitement alongside anxiety. Carrying only permissible items in your carry-on baggage requires awareness of restricted objects. Travelers frequently ask about the allowance status of toothpaste during flights. Following regulatory requirements is essential to avoid any issues when traveling with toothpaste, which is precisely why we have created this informative piece.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Regulations

By enforcing security protocols, TSA contributes to safe travel practices nationwide. Ensuring passenger protection, the TSA lays out guidelines for toothpaste.

Liquid Rule

Carrying on luggage, the TSA enforces the “3-1-1” policy regarding liquids, gels, and aerosols. Passengers may bring one bag that holds containers measuring at most 3.4 fluid oz (100 ml), each. Gels or liquids; toothpaste belongs to one of them.

Travel-Sized Toothpaste

To follow TSA standards, it is essential to bring miniature toothpaste containers. Items this small (weighing 0.03 lbs) always stay below the fluid rule ceiling. Travel-size and approved by TSA tubes should be your go-to when looking for hassle-free toothpaste options at airports.

Non-Liquid Toothpaste Alternatives

For those who desire an alternative to liquid toothpaste, options exist. Toothpaste tablets represent a well-liked option. Chewing them up or breaking them into small pieces lets you incorporate their cleaning power without a standard toothpaste container. An additional option is using tooth powder, applying it straight to the toothbrush.

Checked Baggage Considerations

Checked baggage offers space to accommodate oversized toothpaste tubes or preference for bulkier options Items packed away in suitcases enjoy freedom from liquid and gel constraints. Leakages are avoided by taking care when packing toiletries while traveling.

International Travel

Traveling across borders requires knowledge of host nation guidelines. Toothpaste and other liquids adhere to separate laws overseas compared to those mandated by TSA within the country. Precise details can only be found by contacting authorized bodies or the airline.

Precautions for Easy Screening

To make the security screening process smoother, consider these additional precautions:

  • At the airport, place all liquids and gels, including toothpaste, inside a clear plastic bag before checking them in.
  • Accessibility matters; keep the transparent plastic bag close at hand inside your suitcase throughout security checks.
  • To stop any drips, keep your toothpaste tube firmly closed if you want to take it somewhere bigger.


On planes, toothpaste transportation is permitted. Following TSA recommendations like the 3-1-1 liquid guideline makes it easier to traverse airports without incident. Instead of regular toothpaste, consider switching to tablet or powder forms. Check the regulations of the nation you will visit before embarking on an international trip. Proper planning and abiding by regulations allow you to keep up with good oral hygiene during flights.


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